What Do We Do ?

Anchor DB, with its team comprised of architects, engineers and interior designers, for all your needs of architectural and interior design projects, provides services from the beginning to end of the process as your most powerful solution partner.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is a systematic method to improve the "value" of the product by using an examination of function.

Cost Engineering

Cost engineering is the practice of managing the costs involved on a construction project. This includes activities such as cost control, budgeting, forecasting, estimating, investment appraisal and risk analysis.

Planning and Scheduling

Planning for a building usually contains architectural drawings, specifications of the design, calculations, time planning of the building process, and other documentation.

Materials Counseling

What is the best material for my product? Finding an answer to this question can be a complex task. A systematic material selection is an integral part of our product development process. However, for us, material consulting doesn't stop here.

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